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Make your future bright by taking admission in Gandhiyan institute which was established in 1946 by Balkoba Bhave, younger brother of Acharya Vinoba Bhave. Join "DNYS", a three years and sixth month course, become a successful naturopath and work for public welfare.......

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"Silver and gold pieces, the actual health is wealth. Individual effort of a diseased person could be expected to be the best he could never borrow from others health."
Mahatma Gandhi (Bapuji)
Is this course is recognised by government?

No. This DNYS course is not recognized by any university nor by any Board or Council. This is a non-recognized course. No ministry State government or none of ministry under Central government of India issued any order.to run this course. Hence this is not valid for government job. Also this is not a valid diploma for any institutional Job. One can only do this course and live life as and in accordance to nature taught by us.

Can I become doctor by doing this course? Can I write dr, before my name.

No. You are not becoming a doctor if you do this course. Word "doctor" can be prefixed by any PHd holder. Public acceptance of persons functioning in health care work is termed them by calling Dr. Even if so, like the MBBS passed out, first they have to registered himself in a council as Practitioner. As no council is recognized DNYS to be fit for registration so DNYS passed out can not write doctor.

Why this course is allowed to run?

This is run to propagate the Philosophy of Naturopathy - a life style in accordance to nature. This has started with a view and wishes of Mahatma Gandhi so to educate each individual on part of living in accordance to nature.

Where are the recognised courses of Naturopathy?

As on today hundred's of recognized courses are run by several university and colleges all over India. Government and private both of colleges are running BNYS, Dip, and other similar courses in Naturopathy on regular and correspondence both category.