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Make your future bright by taking admission in Gandhiyan institute which was established in 1946 by Balkoba Bhave, younger brother of Acharya Vinoba Bhave. Join "DNYS", a three years and sixth month course, become a successful naturopath and work for public welfare.......

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36th Annual Session in Gujrat
Tenure of existing committee will expire on 31st March 2017. In purview of this Annual Gen....
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  1. Message
"Silver and gold pieces, the actual health is wealth. Individual effort of a diseased person could be expected to be the best he could never borrow from others health."
Mahatma Gandhi (Bapuji)
  • C.E.N.Y (Six Month Course)
    1. History of naturopathy
      1. Nature
      2. Naturopathy
    2. Health and Nature Cure.
    3. Ram Nam and Nature Cure.
      1. Ram Nama
    4. Wrong eating habit.
    5. Gandhian Philosophy of Nature Cure.
    6. Five Elements
    7. Foreign Matters
    8. Raw Eating
    9. Acute and chronic Diseases
    10. Shat Karm, Yog and Pranayam:
    11. Asan
    12. Pranayam
  • C.N.Y.T. (Formerly Upcharak) one year course
    1. Massage
      1. Thermal Massage
    2. Food Therapy
    3. Human Body
      1. Knowledge about Body Parts
    4. Health and Nature
    5. Various Diseases and their naturopathic Treatment
  • DNYS - Three and Half Years Course
    1. Natural Hygiene & Public Health
      1. Public Health